Swedish Agency for Government Employers

The Swedish Agency for Government Employers (SAGE) is an employer organization for Government agencies.

SAGE was established on July 1, 1994. It has 250 member agencies in the central Government sector. Other members include closely associated organisations, mostly foundations.

Governing bodies

The supreme governing body of SAGE is the Employers' Council, which convenes once a year. The Council is made up of the 240 heads (i.g. Directors General, Rectors and County Governors) of the member agencies.

The Employers' Council determines employer policy and sets membership fees. It also appoints 15 members to the Board. The SAGE Board, which plays a central part in pay negotiations with the trade unions, is the supreme sovereign body between Council meetings. Unlike the other directors general who are appointed by the government, the Board appoints the executive head of SAGE.

Member Organisation

SAGE is structured into five sectors, and two member councils. The member councils act as advisory bodies to the Board and to the Director General.


SAGE is funded by its membership fees, set in proportion to the payroll expenditures of its member agencies. SAGE receives no direct Government funding.


Negotiations with trade unions

One of the principal duties of SAGE is handling negotiations with trade unions on pay and employment conditions for the 270.000 employees in the central Government sector. However, this only concerns overall pay structures and salary increases for central agreements, rather than specific amounts. Individual salary agreements are determined at local level.

SAGE produces salary statistics for the central Government sector and conducts the follow-ups of the development of wages on yearly as well as on more long term basis.

Employer cooperation and member support

Other significant duties for SAGE include employer cooperation and member support and advice on a wide range of employment matters. For instance in helping agencies interpret employment legislation and regulations. SAGE also provides legal advice to members in labour-related disputes brought before The Swedish Labour Court .

Safeguarding interests

SAGE promotes the development of employer policies, safeguards the interests of the Government employers and promotes knowledge on the State as employer and employer policies in the public debate.