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Senior lecturer in wildlife ecology at Department of Ecology

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Om jobbet

A position as senior lecturer in wildlife ecology is vacant at the Department of Ecology at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station.
The Department of Ecology conducts internationally strong empirical and theoretical research and education aimed towards sustainable forestry, agriculture and conservation. Our research on populations, communities and ecosystems form the basis of our research on the effects of land use and climate on animals, plants and soil. We aim at finding solutions that will contribute to improve greenhouse gas balances, conserve threatened species, support biodiversity and ecosystem services, sustainable wildlife management and pest management in forest and agricultural landscapes as well as in urban areas.

Subject description

The subject area includes studies of the ecology, distribution and dynamics of wildlife. It is of particular interest that the senior lecturer contributes with knowledge about the ecology of carnivores and herbivores as well as their interactions including affecting factors such as natural resource management, forestry, hunting, climate changes and humans. The society demands good knowledge about wildlife, as the goal is a sustainable and ecosystem-based adaptive wildlife management, which requires high quality research in population dynamics and trophic interactions.


The lecturer shall 1) conduct research in wildlife ecology, 2) participate in and develop teaching at various levels, including graduate education, and 3) contribute to cooperation with the surrounding community and environmental monitoring, e.g. SITES at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station. The senior lecturer is, further, expected to receive external funding. Apart from developing own research within the subject area, the senior lecturer is expected to collaborate with researchers nationally, including within the department and SLU, and internationally. The senior lector is expected to contribute to the scientfic development of the research field at the department.


Qualified to be employed as a senior lecturer is the one who has obtained a PhD degree or has equivalent scientific qualifications relevant to the content of the employment and the duties to be included in the employment. To be eligible, one should also have undergone relevant pedagogic education or otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge as well as demonstrated pedagogical skills.

Assessment criteria

In the selection process among qualified applicants, equal importance will be given to scientific skills and educational skills. Great importance will also be given to skills in terms of cooperation with the surrounding community. In addition, emphasis will be placed on administrative skills of importance to the content and duties of the employment, as well as the proven and expected ability to develop and lead activities relevant to the assignment. The ability to obtain external research funds will also be weighed into the assessment, which is particularly important for current employment as external funding is expected to contribute to more than half of the funding of the salary.

Final date for application:


Place of work:

Department of Ecology, Grimsö Wildlife Research Station



Form of Employment:

Permanent employment

Starting date:

By agreement


The application should be written in English, because the applications will be evaluated by expert advisers both in Sweden and abroad. Use the document Application guidelines for appointment as professor, senior lecturer or associate senior lecturer at SLU as guide when you fill in your application
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SLU is an equal opportunity employer.
University salaries are set on an individual basis.  


Use the document Application guidelines for appointment as professor, senior lecturer or associate senior lecturer at SLU as guide when you fill in your application.

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Academic union representatives:


Henrik Andrén, Professor


Anna Lundhagen, Head of Department