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Senior lecturer in informatics - intelligent and interactive systems

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Om jobbet

Welcome to Linnaeus University
Where knowledge grows.
We are an international university in Småland, Sweden. Together we set knowledge in motion for a sustainable societal development.

The department of informatics belongs to the faculty of technology and is one of nine departments at the faculty. Activities are carried out at three cities: Kalmar, Växjö and Ljungby.


At the department of informatics, research is carried out within three main areas, namely: information management, digital business transformation and interaction design. Furthermore, the research is carried out in the intersection of these areas and their applications across different disciplines such as: eLearning, eHealth, and human-computer interaction.


The department of informatics offers six-degree programmes at first and second cycle levels. Several of the courses and programmes are offered as distance courses, both nationally and internationally. Three of the degree programmes are first cycle

level and three are second cycle level. The department also offers single subject

courses within the area of eHealth in collaboration with other faculties. Additionally, third cycle level education is offered in the programme Computer and Information Sciences which is run jointly with Computer Science and Media Technology department.


A large part of the research is tied to regional development, but there is also research in collaboration with national and international collaboration partners, within both the academia and the industry.


Field of subject for the appointment: Informatics

Placement city: Växjö.

Scope of appointment: Full time 


Job description:


The appointment includes mainly teaching but also research activities. As senior lecturer, you will be expected to teach courses in bachelor and master level as well as participate in the research groups and other activities within the area of the appointment either in Kalmar or Växjö. The focus of the appointment is in Information Systems with emphasis on Intelligent and Interactive systems.


The applicant is expected to teach courses and conduct research within some of the following areas:
  • Object-oriented Programming (in Java or Python)
  • Quality assurance in information systems
  • Information modeling and handling within an organization
  • Data-driven business transformations
  • AI for business applications
  • Digital traceability and sustainability in business operations

The department is characterized by theoretical, applied and experimental development activities. Both research and teaching are often cross disciplinary.


As a senior lecturer, you are expected to take responsibility for teaching within the field. This comprises development and implementation of courses and supervision of degree projects and doctoral students. You are also expected to, within the field of subject, collaborate with the industry, in particular with the regional industry, and to develop collaborations with regional companies. The appointment may also involve development of contract education and various forms of academic administrative tasks at the university.



Qualified for appointment as senior lecturer is a person who has demonstrated teaching expertise and been awarded a doctorate, or has equivalent scientific experience considering the subject matter of the post and the duties it will involve (HF, chapter 4, section 4).


According to the admission procedures at Linnaeus University the pedagogical skills are to refer to the planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching as well as to supervision and examination. Teaching requires the ability to communicate in English, oral and in written. The applicant is expected to collaborate with colleagues and students. Therefore, teamwork and flexibility are of mayor importance. The applicant must also have a demonstrated ability to collaborate and maintain networks with the surrounding society (academy, the industry, and public organisations).


Assessment grounds

As assessment grounds for appointment as senior lecturer, the level of skills considered a requirement to be qualified for the appointment is to be in force. Other assessment grounds are proven ability to obtain external funding, which is a very important factor in order to be able to develop both research and third-cycle education. Since teaching and research will be carried out in collaboration, documented experience of collaborations is meriting. The applicant is expected to collaborate with existing researchers within the subject. Moreover, it is expected to include in the application a description of possible collaborations with existing research and education at the department. Since several of our programs are distance based, experience in distance education is meriting.


In order to be able to teach, good communication skills in English and Swedish in both speech and writing is required. If the applicant does not have the ability to teach in Swedish, he/she will be expected to be able to do so within couple of years from the start of the appointment.


Individual salary-setting is applied based on candidate’s experience. Last application date September 1, 2020.



Head of department: Arianit Kurti,

Subject responsible: Anita Mirijamdotter,                                           

Human resources consultant: Kristofer Stahl,


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