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Postdoctoral researcher in computer science/machine learning

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    Forskare, IT

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Om jobbet

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher in computer science for a fixed-term position at the School of Science and Technology.

Subject area

The subject area for this position is Computer Science.


The topic for this position is continual learning and learning with dataset shift. There are two direction for this position and we are looking to recruited a postdoctoral research for both or either of the two directions.

Direction 1 entails fundamental research on continual learning for dataset shift with data efficient and interpretable models and algorithms. This direction investigates methods for learning, updating, and forgetting for domains where data is incrementally available or changes over time (e.g. models of system dynamics, robotic mapping, reinforcement learning, or environmental data). Prior knowledge, experience, and interest in probabilistic and/or statistical machine learning is expected for this direction. In addition, prior knowledge, experience, and interest in Bayesian methods and Gaussian processes are advantageous.

Direction 2 entails fundamental research on reinforcement learning with continual adaptation and domain shift including, but not limited to, meta and transfer learning methods. This direction investigates methods for fast and efficient reinforcement learning in real-world settings by exploiting knowledge transfer, e.g. from other domains or experience, to allow faster learning and adaptation in the target environment. Prior knowledge, experience, and interest in reinforcement learning in continuous spaces and deep learning are expected for this position. Prior knowledge, experience, and interest in robotic perception and control as well as probabilistic machine learning are advantageous.

The position is funded through the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems, and Software Program (WASP) and is not tied to a particular research project. It therefore provides a large degree of freedom to the appointed postdoctoral researcher. Research in this project will be performed in close collaboration with doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in the same research environment, as well as external collaborators.

The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), is Sweden’s largest ever individual research program, and a major national initiative for strategic basic research, education and faculty recruitment. The vision of WASP is excellent research and competence in artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and software for the benefit of Swedish industry. For more information about the research and other activities conducted within WASP please visit:

Duties and responsibilities

The appointment as a postdoctoral researcher is intended to enable persons who have recently been awarded their doctoral degree, to consolidate and develop primarily their research skills.

This position is primarily focused on research. Further, it is expected that the postdoctoral researcher assists in supervision of doctoral students, takes an active role in developing the research environment, and contributes to the research environment, e.g., by collaborating with other researchers.


Those qualified for appointment as a postdoctoral researcher are applicants who have been awarded a doctoral degree in a subject matter relevant for the position or have a degree from abroad deemed to correspond to a doctoral degree. Candidates who are expected to complete a doctoral degree after the application deadline will also be given full consideration but in that case proof of a completed degree must be presented before an appointment decision can be taken. The doctoral degree is to have been awarded no more than three years prior to the application deadline. If special grounds exist, a person who has been awarded their doctoral degree prior to that should also be considered. Such grounds comprise leave of absence due to illness, parental leave, clinical practice, positions of trust in a trade union or other similar circumstances.

Assessment criteria

The basis for assessment is the applicant’s scientific expertise, skill, and knowledge in the subject matter. Particular attention is paid to the applicant’s prospects to contribute to research and the demonstrated ambition to embark on a career within academia as well as the ability and suitability to collaborate with other members of the research environment.

Other assessment criteria

The applicant should possess and demonstrate:
  • A strong background in computer science, machine learning, or robotics
  • Motivation to obtain to undertake research on an international level
  • Strong mathematical background
  • Prior research experience in the areas of machine learning or robotics
  • A track record of high-quality publications in the areas of machine learning or robotics
  • Excellent programming skills
  • Excellent communication skills in English


This is a fixed-term full-time position for two years. At Örebro University, salary depends on the successful candidate’s qualifications and experience.

For more information about the position, contact Johannes A. Stork (Supervisor), +46 19 30 39 40, e-mail:, or Lars Karlsson (Head of Unit), +46 19 30 33 55, e-mail:, Mattias Bäckström (Head of School), +46 19 30 39 65, e-mail: for administrative questions.

At Örebro University, we expect each member of staff to be open to development and change; take responsibility for their work and performance; demonstrate a keen interest in collaboration and contribute to development; as well as to show respect for others by adopting a constructive and professional approach.

Örebro University actively pursues an equal work environment and values the qualities that diversity adds to our operations.


The application is made online. Visit our website and click the button “Apply” to begin the application procedure.


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  • Forskare, IT


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