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Associate senior lecturer in horticultural science

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Om jobbet

The Department of Plant Breeding, at SLU in Alnarp, works with research and education, as well as innovation. The focus is on activities that are of strategic importance for the sustainable and profitable production of crops for plant-based foods, feed and industrial products in a changing climate. The Department constitutes a multidisciplinary, innovative, and creative environment that works with current and future challenges. Read more about the department here:

Subjec area

The subject of the employment is horticultural science with emphasis on quality and postharvestof fruit and vegetables, as well as reduced wastage and use of side streams.Connections between the quality of edible horticultural products and health aspects are also covered, as well as questions regarding the effects of processing fruit and vegetables from a nutritional perspective. The work can include both basic and applied research. The position will be linked to the Plant Product Quality division. 


The associate senior lecturer shall develop their own research profile within the subject of the employment and be given development opportunities in order to qualify as an associate professor and senior lecturer.

In addition, the holder of the employment shall within the subject area:
  • carry out research, seek external funding in competition and publish scientific articles
  • initiate the building of their own research group
  • participate in research education as a co-supervisor
  • teach at undergraduate, advanced level and in research education
  • further pedagogical training, and is expected to meet the requirements for promotion to senior lecturer at the end of the merit-based employment
  • collaborate closely with researchers within the divison, department and other parts of SLU, as well as nationally and internationally
  • build and further develop networks with the scientific community, industry and other stakeholders, nationally and internationally
The department has a parallel language work environment. The lecturer will be able to carry out most of their tasks in English. As the university is Swedish-speaking, however, the holder is expected to be able to work and teach in Swedish within four years of taking up the position. The institution will, if necessary, support the holder to achieve this.


Eligible to be employed as an associate senior lecturer is someone who has completed a doctoral degree or has equivalent scientific competence. Primarily, this is someone that has achieved this authorization no more than five years before the end of the application period. However, even those who have completed a doctoral degree or have achieved equivalent competence earlier than this can be considered if there are special reasons. Special reasons consider leave due to illness, parental leave or other similar circumstances.

The successful candidate shall, within the subject of the employment, have:
  • a doctoral degree in biology, horticulture or an equivalent discipline
  • demonstrated scientific skill
  • demonstrated a theoretical depth and ability to publish their research internationally
  • experience of different research environments and application methods
  • very good ability to communicate in English in speech and writing

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for employment shall primarily apply to the degree of such skills that are a requirement for eligibility for employment.

In the examination for employment as associate senior lecturer, emphasis is placed above all on qualitative indications of the applicant's scientific skill, such as scientific publications, prizes, research funds and other measurable results.

Very good biological knowledge in the subject of the employment as well as experience in analytical characterization of biomolecules is particularly meritorious.

In addition, the applicant's ability to develop an independent line of research within the relevant research area, and to meet the requirements for promotion to senior lecturer within the framework of the qualifying position, is assessed.

Communicative skills and the ability to work broadly across several of the division's and department's areas of activities are meritorious. Collaborative skills and experience in administration and teaching are meritorious.

In addition to the qualification requirements, emphasis will be placed on the applicant's personal qualities and abilities.

Application deadline:


Place of work:




Form of Employment:

The employment is limited to four years in accordance with the Higher Education Act. A position as associate senior lecturer is a qualifying employment that constitutes the first step in an academic career at SLU. An associate senior lecturer has the right during his or her employment to apply for promotion to senior lecturer on the basis of criteria established when the position as associate senior lecturer was announced.

Starting date:

By agreement.


It is desirable that the application is written in English, because the applications will be evaluated by expert advisers both in Sweden and abroad.

A guide for applicants "Appointment procedures for SLU" and a "Memorandum for Guidance in connection with applications for appointment/promotion to professor and senior lecturer at SLU" can be found here.

Use the document Application guidelines for appointment as professor, senior lecturer or associate senior lecturer at SLU as a guide when you fill in your application.

The scientific and pedagogic documentation submitted in support of the application shall be indicated in the application. At most 5 scientific publications and at most 5 pedagogic publications, including popularized versions, should be submitted in support of the application. In addition a complete list of publications shall be supplied; the publications submitted with the application must be indicated.

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