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Professor in Engineering Biology

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Linköping University

Hereby advertises a position as Professor in Engineering Biology


Focus of the employment will be research in the field of professorship as described above.

The research is expected to take place in close collaboration with IFM's other research activities. An important part of the tasks consists of supervising employees in research, including supervision of doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows.

The position will also include significant responsibility for and examination in the education of engineers in the main area of engineering biology at the advanced level, which includes profile courses in industrial biotechnological production. An important task is active participation in the design of future education in the area.


An applicant who has demonstrated both academic and teaching skills shall be qualified for this appointment.

We are looking for a strong research leader with expertise in bioengineering. Research experience in one or more of the areas of biophysics, nano / biomaterials, molecular biology, synthetic biology, biological production technology, sensors and sensor systems is an absolute requirement. Experience of interdisciplinary collaborations, strongly linking natural sciences and/or biomedical research with engineering is especially meritorious.

The research at IFM is mainly externally funded. Ability to attract external research funds is crucial to be able to conduct successful research and such merits are of utmost importance as an evaluation criterium. Demonstrated ability to attract external research funding (own multi-year external funds) as principal investigator is especially meritorious.

Experience of teaching with relevance to the employment at undergraduate and/or advanced level, as well as at postgraduate level, will be judged as especially meritorious. Documentation of good teaching assessments, such as course evaluations, will be given special consideration. Both good abilities to conduct teaching and to develop the university's educational programmes in engineering biology and chemical biology including advanced-level profile courses are of utmost importance.

Collaboration with non-academic partners in research and/or education is meritorious.

The duties assigned to teaching staff may comprise educational responsibilities or research, and administrative tasks. Teachers are also responsible for monitoring developments within their subject areas and developments in the wider community that are significant to their role as a teacher at a higher education institution. The holder of the appointment will participate in teaching at undergraduate and advanced levels.

For this position, the language of instruction will be Swedish and English.

In order to perform in the research environment, the candidate should have oral and written English skills equivalent to IELTS Academic 6.5 overall (no subscore below 5.5) or TOEFL iBT 90 (written, minimum 20).

Grounds for assessment

As grounds for assessment when appointing a professor, the level of proficiency required to qualify for the appointment shall apply.

For this position special weight is given to scholarly proficiency, followed by teaching proficiency, in turn followed by remaining proficiencies.

Scholarly proficiency must have been demonstrated through: original research resulting in publication, through planning and managing research and third-cycle courses and study programmes and through the ability to obtain research grants. Scholarly proficiency can also be demonstrated through the ability to achieve results in research through collaboration with other teachers and through the ability to provide information about research.

Teaching proficiency is demonstrated through the ability to convey relevant knowledge and skills, to stimulate students such that they drive their own learning process, to create engagement and interest in the subject area, and the ability to structure and organise both the content and forms of work in relation to the goals of the subject area. In addition, the teaching proficiency must have been demonstrated through the ability to contribute to the development and renewal of education and the ability to reflect on their own attitude to education and the results of their work.

Collaboration within education is demonstrated through the ability to plan, arrange and carry out productive collaboration in an educational context, with the aim of ensuring the relevance of the education and its role in preparing for professional life.

Collaboration within research is demonstrated by the ability to disseminate, make accessible and benefit from research through the production and dissemination of popular scientific material, collaborative projects with external non-academic actors, commissioned consulting as expert, mobility projects, commercialisation, and activities undertaken within the framework of permitted secondary employment.

It is desirable that the successful candidate with another mother tongue than Swedish should be able to teach in Swedish within two years from being appointed. Applicants are expected to show very good ability to teach in English.

Union representatives

Information about union representatives, see Help for applicants 

Equal Opportunities

A majority of the professors within IFM are men, which is why precedence will be given to women in cases where qualifications are deemed otherwise equivalent.

For more information

Linköping University will continue to develop as an attractive and creative place of work, characterized by equal terms and actively works for equality and diversity.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Linköping university has framework agreements and wishes to decline direct contacts from staffing- and recruitment companies as well as from vendors of job advertisements.


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