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Professor in clinical chemistry

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Om jobbet

At the Institute of biomedicine we study the cells of the human body – what they are made up of, how they work, how their functions are governed by their genetic material and how they collaborate with each other and interact with their environment. With such knowledge at hand we map the molecular explanations to human diseases in order to develop both better diagnostic tools as well as therapies to treat disease. Clinical chemistry has a long-standing tradition of fruitful collaborations between the university and the health care system, which has led to both diagnostic and basal discoveries, as well as therapeutic progress, that has been swiftly integrated into clinical routines. Particularly strong areas has been in the fields of hematology, regenerative medicine, glycobiology and metabolism. With this announcement, we aim to recruit a professor who can further develop the strong academic tradition in molecular research, diagnostics and teaching within the field of clinical chemistry and successfully interrelate such progress with the surrounding society.

Subject area

Clinical chemistry

Subject area description

Clinical chemistry is a medical speciality focused on the development and use of biochemical, antibody-based, genetic, biophysical methods and functional tests to examine biological fluids, tissues, cells (and subcellular structures) and organs to exclude or confirm human diseases or risk factors and to follow up on expected and adverse effects of treatment and disease progression.

Job assignments

We are looking for a professor who can develop an internationally competitive research program within clinical chemistry. The research program must thus be focused on scientific and medical challenges within this field. The responsibility of the position includes both research and training of graduate students and post-docs. The successful candidate will also teach students at basic and advanced levels e.g. within the program for MDs in medical biochemistry, clinical chemistry, molecular cell biology, genetics, pathology or internal medicine. The professorship also includes other expected duties e.g. administration, internal and external representation in elected commissions and consortia both nationally and abroad. The clinical duties will be customized to the clinical needs of the competence and experience of the putative holder with special emphasis on the development of the Laboratory of clinical chemistry as a Swedish University Hospital Entity.


The qualifications for academic positions are given in Chapter 4, Sections 3-4 of The Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen) and Gothenburg University's appointment procedure (Göteborgs universitets anställningsordning).
Qualified for an employment as professor is a person who has demonstrated both scientific and pedagogical expertise.
This professorship is combined with a position as specialist physician at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and thus demands both Swedish license as a doctor of medicine (licensed physician) and a certificate as a specialist in clinical chemistry or a corresponding international certificate of relevance.
According to Higher Education Act (Högskolelagen), Chapter 3, Section 8, a combined position may only be held by someone eligible for both appointments.
The intention is that the candidate will be employed as specialist physician in clinical chemistry with the demand of Swedish authorization as licensed physician and specialist certificate.
Regulations for the evaluation of qualifications for academic positions are given in Chapter 4, Sections 3-4 of The Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen) and Gothenburg University's appointment procedure (Göteborgs universitets anställningsordn.).
The primary assessment criterion for this position is scientific expertise. For the assessment of scientific expertise, specific emphasis will be laid on the scientific contributions within clinical chemistry as to their quality and originality and the applicant’s ability to plan and lead a research group including both graduate students and post-docs, as well as the ability to communicate research with the society outside from the university. The successful candidate must thus have a strong scientific background and a documented ability to develop and maintain scientific collaborations. Documented ability to successfully apply for and receive external grants is required for the appointment.
The second assessment criterion is pedagogical expertise. Especially expertise in the field of clinical chemistry will be considered. Documented pedagogical skills within experience from teaching medical students is requiered.
Clinical expertise will be assessed from the diagnostic use and clinical independence of the applicant as a specialist physician in clinical chemistry. In the assessment, great importance will also be given to administrative skills, experience of interacting cooperatively with the outside society and ability to cooperate. Documented experience from higher executive or administrative positions will be a merit.
The successful applicant who has not undergone the University teaching staff training courses at the University of Gothenburg is expected to complete such educational training courses or to have equivalent qualifications from another University validated within the first year of employment.


The employment is a full time permanent post and is located at The Institute of Biomedicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine. First day of employment is by agreement.

Appointment procedure

Competence review of the applicant's documents after the closing date
Applicants' documents are sent to external experts for assessment
The recruitment will be dealt with in The Academic Appointments Board of Sahlgrenska Academy
The Academic Appointments Board proposes candidates
Assessment and recognition of qualifications in teaching and learning in higher education of the proposed candidate's
The recruitment is handled by the Vice-Chancellor for a decision

For further information:

Göran Larson, Head of department
Phone: +46 31 342 1330 or +46 706 250216

How to apply

See more info on the University of Gothenburgs homepage job opportunities.


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