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Associate senior lecturer in Criminology

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Om jobbet

General information about Malmö University
Malmö University is an innovative, urban and international institute of higher education, located in the centre of Malmö. We have around 1,800 employees and 24,000 students. Our research and education are characterised by the role we believe a university should play in an open society — to contribute to sustainability and equality in a scientifically grounded way with external partners and stakeholders. Identifying and addressing the challenges of the future are of highest priority. Our researchers and students work collaboratively to create, share and spread knowledge in order to understand, explain and develop society — both locally and globally.

Faculty of Health and Society

Our education and research is conducted with the vision of promoting health and participation. The faculty conducts research that focuses on societal problems and seeks solutions in several fields of research. We develop leading professional education programs that provide healthcare, social work and enterprises with competent staff. Our education and research are located in three locations in Malmö. Read more about the Faculty of Health and Society here.

Department of Criminology

The department has a multidisciplinary profile, bringing together researchers from criminology, sociology, psychology, social work, medicine/psychiatry and law. Specific research areas are criminal careers, gender and crime, comparative studies, longitudinal studies, the geography of crime, intimate partner violence, hate crimes, juvenile delinquency, crime prevention, drug abuse and mental illhealth. Our research is being developed in close cooperation with local and national organizations and authorities as well as with national and international academic partners.

About the position

The position as associate senior lecturer is intended to provide early career researchers with an opportunity to develop their independence as researchers and advance their research and teaching expertise for the purpose of enabling them to fulfil the requirements for appointments as senior lecturers. This is a tenure-track position which can be held for a maximum of four years. An associate senior lecturer who meets the qualification requirements for employment as senior lecturer has the right, upon application, to be considered for promotion to a permanent position as senior lecturer (see below).

As an associate senior lecturer at the department of Criminology, you will conduct research related to the longitudinal research projects: The Malmö Individual and Neighbourhood Development Study (MINDS) and Malmö Community Study (MCS), one of which is following a cohort of individuals from age 12 and onwards, and the other studying stability and change in Malmö neighbourhoods. These projects aim to examine the interplay between the individual and the social setting in which she/he interacts, in order to advance knowledge on causes of crime and crime prevention.

The position also includes research-based teaching in Criminology, both on bachelor and master’s level, as well as supervision and examination of bachelor and master’s theses. As associate senior lecturer, you will be expected to create strong networks with external stakeholders as well as the international research community. Teaching is not expected to exceed 50% of working time.

Qualifications In order to qualify for appointment as associate senior lecturer, the applicant must have:
  • Obtained a PhD in Criminology or other relevant discipline no more than 5 years prior to the application deadline for the appointment. Applicants who obtained their PhDs more than 5 years prior to the application deadline may be considered under special circumstances, including sick leave, parental leave, clinical work, duties as a union representative or other similar circumstances.
The following qualifications are considered particular strengths:
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out and publish research in the field of Criminology
  • Experience of longitudinal research
  • Demonstrated skills in quantitative methods
  • Demonstrated skills in scholarly communication
Among candidates meeting the above criteria, the following two criteria are used as necessary for further differentiation: 
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with the wider society
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with researchers from other disciplines in multidisciplinary research
  • Completed postdoctoral employment or postdoctoral stay after graduation 


Head of department Marie Torstensson Levander,
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Malmö University is a place of work and a university that is characterized by an open and inclusive approach, where equality and equal opportunities add value to our business.
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