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Assistant Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

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Om jobbet

Welcome to Linnaeus University
Where knowledge grows.
We are an international university in Småland, Sweden. Together we set knowledge in motion for a sustainable societal development.

Faculty of engineering strives for core values within Linnaeus University, attractive cutting-edge research environments, to be integrated and active within the society and embracing global values. The Faculty of engineering consists of nine departments covering different disciplines within technology, where Linnaeus University conducts education and research.  

The department of mechanical engineering has two programs at Bachelor level, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering, and one program at master level, simulation driven product development. An additional master program in industrial engineering is currently under development. Furthermore, the department has a PhD program in mechanical engineering. The department is part of the research environment advanced materials which has a focus on challenges related to sustainable production within a broad perspective which include a life cycle perspective, product development, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, and reuse of products, components and materials.

The department of mechanical engineering is currently carrying out research within areas such as engineering mechanics and structural dynamics, operation and maintenance of machines and systems, and production. Research is carried out in close collaboration with other departments, universities and industry.

Field of subject for the position: Mechanical Engineering, orientation towards Industrial Production Systems
Placement: Växjö, Sweden

Extent of employment: 100%, limited to four years. The position can be extended at a maximum of two years, based on specific reasons such as sick leave, parental leave or other specific reasons to be considered. The associate senior lecturer should, after application to be promoted, assessed for promotion to senior lecturer and permanent faculty position, according to higher education ordinance (HF 4 kap 12 a§), ordinance (SFS 2017:844).   

Job description

As an assistant senior lecturer, you will teach at bachelor's and master's level as well as carry out research. The research focus may be adapted to the applicant's background and specialization and can be towards basic theoretical or applied experimental, or a combination thereof, as well as in sub-areas in production systems such as automation, robotics, different manufacturing processes such as material processing, industry 4.0, production simulations, analysis and optimization of production systems. The aim is to, at an overall level, develop methods that support advanced manufacturing, particularly in contexts such as smart manufacturing and industry 4.0, and at a detailed level develop models, methods and tools for specific parts that can support more efficient programming, collaboration human - robot, optimization in one or more selected specializations, such as methods with application in production systems, e.g. learning systems, or control of specific manufacturing processes. Collaboration will be carried out with industry and experimental work may be carried out in joint effort at companies or in the EPIC laboratory at Linnaeus University.

Important activities are also to participate in the supervision of degree project students and doctoral students as well as to participate in the development of new research applications that are in accordance with the research group's and the department's defined goals.

The work related to the position will for most part be carried out at the department of mechanical engineering, Linnaeus University, Växjö (building M), and the EPIC lab which is located at the same area.

An important part for the Department and Linnaeus University is to develop and strengthen cooperation between the university, industry and regional society. In this context, the work can include development of courses, applied projects or academic administrative services within the university to support such actions.

Qualification requirements

Qualifying to be employed is the one who has obtained a doctorate in industrial engineering and management, mechanical engineering or equivalent or has a foreign degree deemed to be equivalent to a Swedish doctoral degree. Applicants with a PhD degree not older than five years before the end of the application time final date should be considered in the first place (HF 4 kap 4 a§).

Applicants who have completed a doctoral degree or have achieved equivalent competence that is older than five years before the end of the application time final date may also be considered if there are special reasons. Special reasons refer to leave due to illness, parental leave or other similar circumstances. Regulation (2017: 844). Applicants with a doctoral degree older than five years must justify in the application why special reasons for employment must be taken into account.

Qualifications for this appointment requires a good ability to conduct teaching and research in English. According to Linnaeus University's employment regulations, the pedagogical capability should include planning, execution and evaluation of teaching, as well as supervision and examination.

For requierments, assessment criteria, promotion criteria and contacts please visit:

Welcome with your applications at the latest, 30 November 2020.


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