Meetings during the Presidency

During the Swedish Presidency SAGE held two Social Dialogue Working Group meetings (SDWG) with EUPAN and TUNED and one meeting with the EUPAN Directors General and TUNED in December.

During the meetings EUPAN and TUNED worked further on the topics of work related stress and improving trust in central public administrations through effective social dialogue. They also focused on the social partners' contribution to developing and sustaining an efficient administration. The aim of the meetings was to encourage mutual learning and exchange of experiences between the parties and the different member states.

The first SDWG meeting was held on 16 September at Hasselbacken in Stockholm. It was dedicated to a follow-up of last year's main projects, stress at work and improving trust through effective social dialogue. On the agenda were in-depth examples on combating stress in the national administrations and continued discussions on how the social partners can contribute to an improved trust within the central government administration.

Invitation (PDF-document, 511 kB)

Minutes (PDF-document, 162 kB)

Workshop results (PDF-document, 4,1 MB)

The second SDWG meeting in Malmö November 16 focused on a new theme for the test phase; "sustaining an efficient administration". The meeting centred around three workshops led by an expert and a moderator to create inspiring and in-depth discussions on the following subjects: Competence management for attractive workplaces and employment conditions, an inclusive approach and the tendency of increased local responsibilities in working life.


Agenda (PDF-document)

Workshop - memorandum (PDF-document)

Minutes (PDF-document)

The report from the working group is available in two versions:

Interactive report (PDF-document, 12 MB)

Printable report - EUPAN/TUNED (PDF-document, 6 MB)

During the Presidency SAGE was responsible for implementing the final evaluation of the Test Phase. The evaluation focused on the positive and negative impacts of the test phase on EUPAN and its member states.

The Swedish Presidency set up a Task Forceo handle the results of the evaluation and prepare the Directors' Generals decision on how the forthcoming cooperation between EUPAN and TUNED would be arranged after the test phase. The Task Force worked according to the following objective: To find a sustainable pathway for the future of social dialogue that is acceptable to all members of EUPAN and that can be proposed to TUNED. The 17 Member States in the Task Force worked together in close cooperation to develop the recommendations on the future cooperation that were outlined in the Task Force report and resolution.

The EUPAN DG meeting 10th December in Stockholm discussed and approved the Task Force's report and the proposed resolution with a strategy for continued structured informal social dialogue with TUNED. The resolution also takes note of cross sectoral social dialogue and a possible forthcoming sectoral one for central government administration. Increased exchange of information between CEEP and the potential sectoral social dialogue was recommended.

At the EUPAN DG-meeting with TUNED in December 11 joint conclusions on the achievements of the Social Dialogue test phase was adopted and signed by EUPAN and TUNED.

The forthcoming Spanish and Belgian Presidencies took on the mission to implement the resolution from December 10. TUNED took note of the DG-resolution, but made clear that their main focus for the near future would be to try to start up a formal social dialogue sectoral committee for central government administrations. Efforts to set up a sectoral committe will be made outside EUPAN with interested member states.

Invitation (PDF-dokument, 75 kB)

Agenda (PDF-dokument, 113 kB)

Presentation: social Dialogue in the Public Sectors of EU Member States: Analysis of Different Models at the Level of the Central Public Administration (PDF-dokument, 203 kB)

Presentation: social Dialogue in the Public Sectors of the EU Member States: An Analysis of Different Models at the Level of the Central Public Administration (PDF-dokument, 1,5 MB)

Presentation: Final evaluation of the testphase of enhanced informal social dialogue (PDF-dokument, 135 kB)

Evaluation of the test-phase of enhanced informal Social Dialogue for central public administration (PDF-dokument, 1,2 MB)

Report from the Task Force on the Future of Social Dialogue (PDF-dokument, 488 kB)

Resolution on Social Dialogue (PDF-dokument, 313 kB)

Presentation: process of Joint Conclusions (PDF-dokument, 60 kB)

Document: Joint conclusions (PDF-dokument, 2,5 MB)

Draft minutes: social Dialogue meeting between EUPAN and TUNED (PDF-dokument, 230 kB)

Evaluation (PDF-dokument, 15 kB)

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